One of the standouts from ‘Logan‘ was the introduction of Dafne Keen as Laura though with the time period of the film it might be difficult to see her showing up again. Thankfully, director James Mangold says her return could happen! She has been a fan favorite in comics and the film so seeing her back in action would be fantastic; the question would now be: Do we see her in the future or brought to the present thanks to time travel?

The question came up during a special black and white release of the film titled ‘Logan Noir’ which Alamo Drafthouse and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment hosted. A Q&A took place after the screening which included Hugh Jackman, producer Hutch Parker, and the director himself.

One of the questions asked to Mangold was if we might see Dafne Keen reprise her role as Laura. According to the director, there have been multiple conversations with the studio about that happening. Specifically:

“Anything’s possible. I’ve certainly talked to them about it. I even talked to them about it before we made the movie. I thought she was just such a great character, but with what Dafne did, I think that certainly, that’s possible.”

The director was also asked if he had a chance to direct an X-23 film, what would it be about. Without giving away too many details, Mangold responded:

“A very honest film about young people is what I’d say – a very honest film about young people growing up.”

Fitting her into the future would mainly regulate mutants to those who escaped with her, but with the introduction of Cable in the upcoming ‘Deadpool 2’, there will be a more feasible version of time travel in Fox’s mutant-filled cinematic universe. This could somehow see Cable pulling Laura back to the present and being included in ‘X-Force’ or her solo adventures in modern times.

Would you like to see Keen reprise her role as Laura in the future? Do you think that they’ll write her into the present timeline or would she exist in her own universe? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

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