black-lightningI’m sure that this isn’t a surprise to any of you, but The CW has picked up Greg Berlanti’s ‘Black Lightning‘ with an official series order. We had already known that they were eyeing a 2018 midseason release date and now it seems more likely to be when we can see the show debut. Berlanti can do no wrong when it comes to DC’s comic heroes on the network, and the show which was initially being piloted for Fox has now officially a home.

A more official explanation of the plot has been shared that pretty much confirms what we’ve been hearing so far but still no word as to how long the first season will be or if it exists on the same Earth as the rest of The CW’s costumed heroes. We’ve known that the series was written by writing duo Salim Akil and Mara Brock Akil which will be starring Cress Williams, Nafessa Williams, China Anne McClain, and Christine Adams.

Cress is the leading character who is playing Jefferson Pierce, the retired vigilante Black Lightning. He gave up his life of fighting crime to become a teacher and raise his daughters, only “when his daughter becomes hell-bent on justice, and a star student is recruited by a local gang, he gets back into the fight as the legendary Black Lightning.”

He has powers that allow him to create a lightning styled electromagnetic energy around himself which can stun or even kill. He can launch it to attack from a distance and use this power for limited flight. In the comics, he ended up learning his fighting style from Batman and become quite a known vigilante. We’ll see if they name drop the Dark Knight in the series though I feel that will be unlikely. He has two daughters in the comics who both ended up as vigilantes themselves and at the very least one of them sounds to be going this route in the show.

Are you looking forward to ‘Black Lightning’? Will this be another hit for The CW? Share your thoughts below!

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