They should just rename this comic ‘Man Candy’ and leave it at that.  Dick Grayson spends most of this issue leaping through the air in a pair of tights and gloves and nothing else.  (Not that I’m complaining, mind you, as Mikel Janin is doing a bang-up job illustrating it.)

This issue is something of a excursion, as it steps away from the over-all plot of Dick Grayson getting to the center of mysterious spy organization Spyral.  Instead, he becomes the target of some high school girls at St. Hadrian’s school, who are captivated by him because… well, he’s hot.  This, of course, draws the attention of Grayson’s partner Agent 37 a.k.a. Matron a.k.a. Helena Bertinelli.

Meanwhile, Grayson continues his investigation on Batman’s behalf which brings him into conflict with DC’s established espionage group Checkmate.

There’s also a brief interlude with Midnighter formerly (?) of Stormwatch.

The one drawback of this book is that I feel like the storyline is limited.  How long can they draw out Dick’s investigation of Spyral?  Once he gets to the root of things, where does the series go from there?  He really can’t go back to being Nightwing, since he was outed in that role to the general public.  Guess we have to wait an see.

The art by Mikel Janin is simply gorgeous.  This reads like an illustrated Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue and I mean that in a good way.

One plot point centers on Grayson’s love of being in action… being Nightwing, and Janin’s artwork captures the escapist nature of him in action, in the night, being fearless.  It’s really glorious.

Helena’s character continues to evolve as well.  Will she or won’t she become the Huntress at some point?

This was a slower issue, allowing the characters (and readers) to take a breath.  But it still builds on the overall story and helps flesh out the characters.  And the art is certainly not filler material.  It’s some of the best you will see in a monthly comic.




Written by Tim Seeley
Plot by Tim Seeley and Tom King
Art and Cover by Mikel Janin