In Gotham‘s recent episode “The Primal Riddle,” we learned quite a bit as of how Selina Kyle is turning into a homeless waif of a thief into the Catwoman which will one day have Bruce Wayne‘s affections in knots. Quite a few of the recent episodes have gone off kilter, but this one was full of The Riddler causing chaos with Penguin and Ivy putting together a new team of gangsters and Mr. Freeze returning. With all of that going on it would seem odd that there was even room for Selina, but this episode cemented her future as the cat burglar who can steal anything in Gotham.

With the fake Bruce Wayne having confronted her in warning to run, she turned the tables on him and threatened to expose him to Alfred. Fake Wayne couldn’t let that happen and pushed Selina to her death. While he had initially been trying to save her, by causing her death it is likely we shall now see her resurrected and be brought back fully as Catwoman. If the image above looks at all familiar you might be recalling what happened in ‘Batman Returns’ to Michelle Pfeiffer’s take on the character. In the movie, it looked as if she had died after the character was pushed from a window only to be apparently be brought back by cats.

It isn’t yet clear if the cat walking beside her body is what will bring her back in the series.

While every death outside of Bruce’s parents has remained suspect to date, it is unlikely that they would kill off such an essential character. So, one has to wonder who or what will bring her back to life. There are so many options that the series has already presented us, and I suspect we won’t be having to wait long for her to start in on the next of her nine lives.

Were you shocked to see Selina killed in “The Primal Riddle”? What route do you feel the show will use to bring her back from the dead? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend

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