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As we approach the final 2 seasons of ‘Game of Thrones,’ many theories are going to be tested. Although with the amount of theories that have proven correct (L+R = JS, for example), fans are hungry to see if they have guessed correctly about the end game for many of the characters in George R.R. Martin’s sprawling epic. One such theory concerns the Lannisters and Cersei in particular. Because she received the prophecy that stated her “little brother” would

Because she received the prophecy that stated her “little brother” would  “wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you,” Cersei has always had a grudge against Tyrion, indeed it motivated many of her actions against her youngest brother. However, we do know that, despite the fact that they are twins, Cersei was actually born first before Jaime, technically making Jaime her “little brother” as well, and you can guess where the theory goes from here. Could the King-Slayer become the Queen-Slayer in Season 7 to stop his sister from mass genocide? Could he kill his beloved sister for the good of the realm?

While discussing the theory with Mashable, Jaime Lannister himself, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, stated the following:

“I mean I don’t think he — I’m just saying it’s a valid theory. I can see it makes sense, it has a beautiful — it’s a nice circle [that] they are born together in the womb and then he kills her at the end…It makes sense.”

Of course, there is some symmetry as well in the fact that Jaime killed the Mad King to prevent him from using wildfire to kill most of King’s Landing, and Cersei used wildfire to kill a good number of her enemies in King’s Landing, almost giving Jaime more reason to end her mad reign before more people are hurt. His response to that line of reasoning is as follows:

“You could say that could — that the motivation for doing that would be the same for killing Cersei, but I haven’t seen anything yet before Season 7 that would make me believe that he was capable of doing that.”

What are your thoughts on the theory, and the fact that Coster-Waldau has not outright denied that this might be the case? Could we see him kill Cersei in Season 7? Or would that be took dark a twist for the show and/or his character? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

Source: Mashable

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