Back in 2010, Steven Moffat took the reins of ‘Doctor Who’ from Russell T. Davies and took over as the head writer and executive producer of the long-running sci-fi series. Since then, the show has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon with legions of fans all over the place. That’s why in celebration of the upcoming eighth season, BBC Worldwide put together the Doctor Who World Tour, which brought the new Doctor Peter Capaldi and companion Jenna Coleman to South Korea, Australia, Mexico, and Brazil. But for the American stop in New York City, showrunner Moffat joined his stars for a special screening and Q&A session.

Prior to entering the Zeigfeld Theater and seeing the fans react to the second new Doctor under his leadership, Moffat walked the Blue Carpet and talked with a few members of the press about all things Who. When it was our turn chat with the creative mind behind some of the most iconic episodes of New Who, I decided to use our incredibly brief moment to inquire specifically about Capaldi. First, he sheds some light on how it was decided that the actor was right for the part. Then, he went into some of the differences in writing the 11th and 12th Doctors. You can check out everything he had to say in the video below:

Rather than hear it from the man himself, you’ll finally get to see Steven Moffat’s differences between the old and new Doctor when the eighth season of ‘Doctor Who’ premieres on August 23rd at 8:00pm on BBC America. But until then, are you looking forward to seeing Peter Capaldi’s take on the classic character? Are there any changes that you hope to see in the new series on the creative side of things? Let us know in the comment section.