Separatists are tightening their hold on supply routes and the Republic launches an attack to protect Umbara.  Umbarans have aligned themselves with the Separatists and the Republic will be fighting local militia to get to the capital and force its surrender.  Anakin’s team focuses on the fighters on the ground, who keep up a constant stream of shooting.  The smoke and dark make it impossible to see the enemy or where their location is.  The Republic makes a fortress out of a land ridge, but are forced to retreat as they are continually ambushed by the Umbarans.  Rex calls in an air strike.

General Krell leads the air strike, which is a success, but also delivers news to the battlefront.  Anakin has been called back to Coruscant by the Council and must hand over leadership of his men to Krell.  It’s soon apparent that  Krell looks down upon clones.  He doesn’t let them stop for rest or food and will only address them by number, not name.  They are less than human to him.  Krell’s mission is to take the city and he will not tolerate anything but success.

Krell ignores Anakin’s original sneak attack plan and sends the troops down the main road.  They are soon attacked by Umbarans, and their numbers dwindle even further.  Krell orders his men to protect the exposed clones, then berates Rex for allowing the capital to be controlled by Separatists.  Rex fights back, saying he was only following Krell’s orders.  A chastened Krell commends Captain Rex for protecting and standing by his own men.  Umbarans counter attack, and we leave the Republic as they once again enter the fray.

This episode was pretty tense as the clones are repeatedly attacked.  They never seem to find a safe zone, and the natural inhabitants of Umbara betrayed them each time they tried to regroup.  I’m relieved we’re back to the drama of the story and hopefully done with the comic distractions.  So why was Anakin called away in the middle of battle?  Fingers crossed that next week holds the answer!

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