At Regal RPX movie theaters, no one can hear you scream as you watch ‘Alien‘ during this year’s Alien Day! The celebration of all things ‘Alien’ is now celebrated yearly on April 26th and is a reference to LV-426. If that name looks familiar but you can’t quite place it, that would be the moon which the Nostromo’s crew first encounters the Alien eggs way back in the original film and is the setting for the smash follow-up hit ‘Aliens.’

Honestly, after the events of the first film, they should have taken the advice to “Nuke the entire site from orbit–it’s the only way to be sure” even though that would have been a rather abrupt and anti-climactic ending to the franchise if that had ended up being the first option used.

Tickets are already on sale and since this is only one of the few times you can still catch this iconic science fiction and horror mash-up film on the big screen, you should probably get your tickets today as it is screening only at Regal RPX movie theaters. Outside of being a critic and cult classic, the film was a box office hit as well having made over $100 million on an $11 million budget in 1979. The entire franchise has earned over $1.2 billion in theaters alone so far which doesn’t even factor in what ‘Alien: Covenant‘ will bring in this year.

The bonus to checking out ‘Alien’ for this particular screening is that it will also have exclusive new footage from ‘Alien: Covenant’ before the film’s release as well as a commemorative ticket that likely has a Xenomorph or Alien Egg on it. This is the second year which ‘Alien’ Day is being celebrated, and as Fox is pushing it hard, I suspect we’ll be seeing quite a bit more in the way of ‘Alien’ films in the years to come.

Are you planning on checking out ‘Alien’ on the big screen this coming Alien Day? Have you had a chance to see it in a movie theater before? Share your thoughts on having another opportunity to see it below!

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