regressionCullen Bunn may have been pretty busy as of late with Marvel’s ‘Darth Maul’ and ‘Kid Kaiju’ but prior to that he had made a name for himself over at Image Comics with the positively delightful ‘Harrow County’ and is now launching a new series titled ‘Regression.’ The book will be the artistic debut of Danny Luckert (‘Haunted’) with coloring and lettering by Marie Enger (‘Pistolwhip’,’2 Sister.’) The comic will explore the horrors of the mind and what can happen when you lose control of it. We’re talking about people whose dreams can go too far and end up being a person’s reality.

Now, I’m sure we’ll be waiting to see if this is actually a story of people who have lost their grip on sanity or if their greatest fears are actually becoming real and will be something that we’re guessing until the bitter end.

The story centers on Adrian who is a young man that is suffering through waking nightmares with a focus on death and terror. The worst part is that “they happen to Adrian while he’s out and about in public – and awake.” With nothing else working he has a last ditch effort with a hypnotist who uses regression hypnotherapy on him to try to find out the base cause of this problem.

Turns out, this isn’t the best of ideas.

He witnesses atrocities committed in the past and soon finds that his dreams are becoming even worse. The story is set to be a tale of survival as Adrian strives to live through and move past his daily terrors. Thankfully, he isn’t in it alone. He has one close friend, Becky, that won’t give up on him. Only I suspect his issues will soon start to be hers as well in a way that will put both of their lives in danger.

According to Bunn and what inspired him to do the book:

My father was a professional hypnotist for many years. While it wasn’t part of his on-stage act, he often conducted past life regressions. During these sessions, I saw people describing other time periods with pinpoint accuracy and even saw someone speaking a language they did not know. I also witnessed some really extremely creepy regressions that planted the seeds for this story of supernatural horror conspiracy.

Talk about a unique piece of Bunn’s history that he can draw upon to create this tale.

Are you looking forward to ‘Regression?’ Do you think the fears that we see unfold on page will be real or all in Adrian’s mind? Share your thoughts below!

‘Regression’ #1 will be available on May 10th, 2017!

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