Who watches the ‘Watchmen?’ Well, if you aren’t a fan of the feature film then you might say no but that could all change as it looks like Warner Brothers is looking to bring the property back. Only, this time around the take on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ iconic graphic novel will be an R-Rated animated movie that is in the works for home consumption. It looks to be a direct-to-DVD release in the style that many of DC’s animated films have been which makes sense as DC does own the franchise.

However, it could see a limited theatrical run as Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders and Batman: The Killing Joke‘ have had in recent years.

The news came about in an unexpected way as it was leaked from the Warner Brothers “A-List Community” program. This doesn’t guarantee that the film will happen, but it does ask the subscribers about their upcoming projects that are usually going to be created. The description as it listed as “an upcoming made-for-video movie” which makes it sound like it is either in production or nearing the final stages.


It also expands upon the description by saying that it is “A faithful adaptation of the Watchmen graphic novel executed in an animation style that mirrors the source material.” This likely means that we’ll see an ending and art style that more closely resembles the graphic novel than a fresh take on the material.

Which, is exactly what fans would love to see!

However, Alan Moore has previously stated that he was fully against any future adaptation of the graphic novel so he is probably as against this as he was the proposed 2015 HBO Live-Action series which was in “preliminary discussions” that never seemed to go anywhere.

Would you be happy to see an R-Rated and animated take on the classic graphic novel? Share your thoughts below!

Source: CBR

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