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Arguably the coolest part of Disney buying the ‘Star Wars’ property and actively putting out new content is that fans are now getting a lot of “official” fill-ins for many characters’ back stories and missing pieces of their histories.  While the recent film ‘Rogue One’ certainly showcased how awesome these fill-ins can be, Disney/Lucasfilm has been filling in gaps gaps years on their two animated TV shows, the now-cancelled ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’ and the currently-running ‘Star Wars Rebels.’

‘Rebels’ executive producer Dave Filoni, who also worked on the creative team of the ‘Clone Wars’ show, has long been a fan of providing behind-the-scenes tidbits to fans, usually doing so quite casually in a tongue-in-cheek, “it’s no big deal” kind of way.  It comes as no surprise, then, at this weekend’s Star Wars Celebration he provided a few juicy morsels to fans during his “Animated Origins and Unexpected Fates” panel.

First, he showed the crowd a piece of concept art from the upcoming ‘Rebels’ season, one that featured the character of Rex, the former Clone Trooper commander who is now firmly entrenched as one of the mainstays of the budding Rebel Alliance on the show.  Instead of wearing his usual old Clone Trooper armor, however, Rex is seen in a green and tan jacket and helmet ensemble – one that looks incredibly similar to the outfits that the Han Solo-led strike team on the moon of Endor wore in ‘Return of the Jedi!’

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Although Filoni stopped short of actually, verbally confirming this widely-held fan theory, it seems pretty safe to say that Clone Trooper Rex takes his Rebel allegiance all the way from ‘Rebels’ to ‘Return of the Jedi.’

The next nugget, however, Filoni did confirm outright: he showed an unfinished cut of a deleted scene from the ‘Clone Wars’ TV show, that showed Boba Fett facing off against Cad Bane, one of the universe’s most feared bounty hunters during the Clone Wars era.  This time, of course, was when Boba Fett was still carving out a name for himself as a bounty hunter to be reckoned with.

In the scene, Cad has captured some of Boba’s friends, and the two square off in a classic Western-movie style gun duel.  As they both circle each other, they finally draw and fire their blasters; both bounty hunters are hit and are blown backwards.  Filoni declined to elaborate on the fate of Cad, but he did show a shot of Boba getting up from the blast – with his helmet now marked with the sizable dent that was seen throughout the original trilogy of films.

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So, there you have it – a few more fun pieces of Star Wars history filled in for the true fans!

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