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We’ve known for awhile now that Sony has had plans to make an animated ‘Spider-Man’ movie based around Miles Morales and we’ve just learned that Shameik Moore (‘The Get Down’,’Dope’) has been tapped to voice the character! The film is coming from Sony Pictures Animation and will focus on the half black, half Latino character who was introduced after Peter Parker’s death in the Ultimate Universe.

We also know that Liev Schreiber (‘Salt,”Scream 3’) is returning to the Marvel Universe by joining the cast as the villain whose identity at this time is being kept tightly under wraps. As this is Sony and not Fox, we won’t see the studio trying to find a way to have him reprise his role as Sabertooth from the movie we all have sought to forget – ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine.’ However, if this will also include an origin story for Morales, you could easily see Schriber ending up voicing the Green Goblin as Osborn had quite a bit of interest in tracking down this version of Spidey.

The film was written by Phil Lord, and he is on board as the Executive Producer with Chris Miller. Bob Persichetti (‘The Little Prince’) and Peter Ramsey (‘Rise of the Guardians’) will be co-directing the feature.

We don’t know if this will be an origin story or jump right into the action or who the villain or villains are. It is also unclear if Morales will exist in a world where Peter Parker is or was Spider-Man or if his story will ultimately stand on its own. What we do know that as with much of his introduction and from classic Peter Parker stories that we’ll see him juggling being in school, friends, and trying to be a superhero.

Are you looking forward to the animated ‘Spider-Man’ film? What do you think of Shameik Moore for the voice casting decision? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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