Though we honestly do not have a lot of information just yet about ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2, especially since so much of the Marvel/ Netflix focus at the moment is on the fast approaching release of ‘The Defenders’ series, it seems that production is underway on the new season, including the casting of new characters for Jessica and company to contend with. Which is lucky considering the fact that Season 2 will not be including Luke Cage who has moved on to his own show, nor Kilgrave whose threat Jessica ended (by snapping his neck) in the finale of Season 1. Of course, we have no idea who the new characters will be exactly, but we can speculate based on the cryptic casting notices sent out, the breakdowns of which have already leaked onto the internet.

According to The Hashtag Show and the MCU Exchange, here are the breakdowns so far:

  • Dr. Kirby: 60’s, male, open ethnicity, scientist, free thinker – Series regular for 1 season

  • Presley: Late 30’s, male, African American, intelligent, driven, self-assured – Fractional series regular

  • Oliver: 34-38, male, Latino, artistic, paternal, smart, scruffy and hip – Series regular

  • Ingrid: Early-mid 30’s, 5’8-5’11, female, dark hair, attractive and edgy, has a history of living on the streets. Educated as a nurse, but streetwise. She is attracted to both men and women – Series regular

Ok, so here are the theories. Dr. Kirby is rumored to be Dr. Karl Malus who in this world would work for IGH labs, who could be the doctor responsible for giving Jessica her powers. In the comics, Malus worked to give powers or increase the powers of some of the more obscure Marvel characters, which would fit with the backstory for Jessica. Presley is rumored to actually be Paladin, a fellow P.I. who works even more in the gray area than Jessica, and in the comics has strong ties to both the Defenders and Heroes for Hire, which, all of which could make him a sometimes ally, sometimes antagonist to Jessica throughout the season. Oliver might turn out to be Otis ‘Danger’ Johnson, another character from the comics with ties to Heroes for Hire, except he has indestructible skin like Luke Cage, though he does not strike nearly as imposing figure. Comic-book wise he doesn’t have a lot of threads connecting him to Jessica Jones, but he could add some levity to Season 2, plus some diversity because he is Latino and is another connection to Malus and the IGH labs.

Lastly, Ingrid is rumored to be Typhoid Mary, who could end up being the villain of the season, and it is all too likely because for a while now it has been speculated that they have wanted to introduce her to the Netflix corner of the MCU.  She would work great in ‘Jessica Jones’ as she would be a strong female villain, a dark shadow of Jessica herself, and her multiple personalities, which can manifest amazing powers that include things like telekinesis and pyrokinesis, would make her more than a match for Jessica.

What are your thoughts on the possibilities of these characters? Do you have any other theories on who these characters could turn out to be? Share your opinions in the comments below!