‘Arrow’ Season 5, while not perfect, has seen a kind of return to form for the series, having flashbacks that work, an engaging plot in the present, and managing (for the most part) to balance its characters and keep the show grounded and stay away from too many strange, unmotivated character decisions or plot convenient choices made only for big shock moments (the kind of things that plagued the series in Seasons 3 and 4). And now, as we approach the final run of episodes for Season 5, when Team Arrow is going to get down to business and really get into hunting down Prometheus and ending this threat once and for all, star Stephen Amell has let us know that Oliver Queen will be taking on an ally in the final battle against his current nemesis, and one that will makes fans very excited.

Amell recently Tweeted photos of the Deathstroke mask and himself on the location for Lian Yu, hinting at the return of fan favorite villain for the finale of Season 5, who rumor has it the Green Arrow will team up with to take down Prometheus, with the events of the episode’s present and flashbacks all taking place on Lian Yu. It makes sense since we know the flashbacks will be taking place on Lian Yu to wrap up the 5 year journey to where we found Oliver Queen in the pilot episode, and bringing Prometheus and Oliver to the island gives a nice sense of symmetry, plus any excuse to get Manu Bennet back is always welcome. And we know it is legit news because ‘Arrow’ executive producer Marc

We know the news is legit because ‘Arrow’ executive producer Marc Guggenheium followed up Amell’s tweets with a post of his own with a shot of the title page of the finale script, named ‘Lian Yu.’ Check out all the Tweets below:

Are you excited to see Deathstroke return to ‘Arrow?’ Are you nervous they’ll waste his appearance like they did the last time Manu Bennet came back, or do you think he’ll actually escape the island this time and be a real threat to the Arrowverse following this episode? Feel free to share your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

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