We’re going to be introduced to Marvel’s all-new female Thor this week and today we’ve got a preview of that very first issue to share with you! While we don’t get much of the actual images of Thor, we do see the old one as he struggled to lift his hammer, Mjolnir and the outline of the new Thor starting to do just that.

Been dying to get more of a look at who she’ll be and what is ahead for this new Thor? Well this preview won’t be giving much of that, but it does give us the first four pages of the first issue of this new ‘Thor’ which is beautifully illustrated by Russell Dauterman.

The 25 issue run of ‘Thor: God of Thunder’ has been setting up a great change for everyone’s favorite Godly Avenger and pointing him in a direction where he is no longer worthy to wield the hammer.

According to Aaron, “The Odinson, the previous version of Thor, he’s going to look at all the women around him and start to try to figure out which one of [them] is running around with [his] hammer. It’s a suspect list that’s going to include his mother, Freyja, who plays a big role in [the first issue]; Roz Solomon, who is Thor’s new love interest and also a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent; [his] ex-girlfriend Jane Foster; and Sif [who is a big part of the movies].”

Let’s take a look shall we?

While the women closest to his life seem long strong possibilities one has to wonder how exactly Roz and Jane would get to the moon, let alone seem to be able to stand on it without any apparent breathing device. Granted we aren’t able to see the full image of the character yet as it is to be a surprise, still I almost feel like they could be ruled out pretty quickly.

I also feel as if the other Goddesses wouldn’t need to take a second Godlike identity to add to their own. Are the names we are given all misdirection? I’m much more eager to find out now than I was when this was first announced.

What are your thoughts on the All-New Thor? Have these previews enticed you to check out the first issue? Share your thoughts below true believers!

Source: Super Hero Hype