Today marks an important day in the history of ‘Blade Runner.’ While the actual events of the film took place in 2019, we did learn that the replicant Leon Kowalski which Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard was sent to retire had an inception date of April 10th, 2017. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, somewhere today a new replicant is being born that will kick off the events of the first film.

He was the one who so violently escaped when losing his mind after being asked about his mother. With mommy issues like this, Kowalski was clearly the Norman Bates of the film. Honestly, it was this murder that showed androids could kill and set off the entire events of the film as well as likely be what gives us an excuse for a return to the franchise in the upcoming ‘Blade Runner 2049.’ While we won’t see Kowalski returning between having been killed in the film and the actor sadly having passed at this point, the importance of his character hasn’t lowered one iota.

Another significant note here is that Leon was the first replicant to be subject to the Voight-Kampff test which is what helped authorities to determine if a person was a human or replicant which you can see below:

The movie laid out more questions than answers about humans and replicant and fan theories have run rampant since the 1982 release. Some even assumed that everyone was a replicant as humanity had died out with the test only uncovering those which had faulty programming.

Are you planning to celebrate Leon Kowalski’s inception date? Looking forward to ‘Blade Runner 2049?’ Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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