Fans embraced Michelle Gomez when she joined ‘Doctor Who’ as the newest regeneration of The Master, known as Missy.  But fans were equally stunned just days ago when it was announced that John Simm, who played the previous male Master was returning.  Luckily, his appearances will be alongside Gomez’s, so we aren’t losing Missy just yet.

Showrunner Steven Moffat explained his decision to bring back Simm, stating:

“Well I’d always thought when we got Michelle that at some point it’d be fun to have a story where two versions of The Master meet.  I’m sure everyone’s thought that at some point.

“But in a way you can’t do that straight away. You’ve got to let the new one become the definitive iteration as it were, and then you can bring in the wonderful John Simm.”

“He’d always said that he’d quite like to come back.  When I spoke to him at the End of Time screening… I’m really grassing him up at the moment, it’s terrible.

“And at the End of Time screening he said ‘Well I feel that now David’s steeping down as the Doctor I feel I should step down as The Master. And he came and found me at the drinks and said ‘I didn’t mean it, I’m perfectly happy to come back.’

Of course, multiple Doctors have appeared alongside each other, so why not two Masters?  (Or a Master and a Missy in this case?)  It could be really fun!  Since this is the final season for both Moffat and the current star Peter Capaldi, it may be that Moffat is simply going all out with his Doctor bucket list.

You can watch the interview with Radio Times below:

 ‘Doctor Who’ returns on BBC America on April 15 and will feature the debut of new companion Bill Potts played by Pearl Mackie.