Doctor Who Showrunner Reveals The Origin Of The Time Lord's Scarf

“New year, new me.” We’ve all heard that one before. As the clock ran out on 2017 (technically on Christmas, but it was the last episode of the year), we got a whole new Doctor in the form of Jodie Whittaker. Of course, even ‘Doctor Who’ doesn’t always take that maxim quite so literally. Nonetheless, the end of 2018 is bringing some small changes of its own. Most obviously, the program is – for the first time since it was revived in 2005 – foregoing a Christmas special, opting instead to air the annual special on New Year’s Day.

The other only became obvious when the first promotional images for the special (dubbed ‘Resolution’) were released. In those images, we see the now familiar visage of Thirteenth Doctor clad in a multicolored scarf. And while it might seem the scarf is just a festive affectation for the special (it certainly wouldn’t be the first in ‘Who’ history), it turns out that there’s more of a story to it behind the scenes.

In a chat with Doctor Who Magazine, showrunner Chris Chibnall revealed that the Doctor’s scarf wasn’t originally intended for the Time Lord. Rather, ‘Doctor Who’ makeup designer Claire Pritchard bought it as a gift for her husband, Arwel Jones (who also works on the series as a production designer). So how did the scarf find its way into the TARDIS? As Chibnall explains:

“[Arwel] wore it around the production. Ray Holman [the series’ costume designer] saw it and thought it would be perfect for Jodie’s Doctor. Ray showed it to Jodie, who loved it, and he saved it for the special.”

Chibnall further noted that the Doctor, Ryan, Yaz, and Graham have all been “off on their travel” when the special picks up, adding that “the Doctor’s obviously picked up a scarf along the way.” He also nodded to the obvious parallel with Tom Baker (surely the first thing people think of when they see a scraf-clad Doctor), noting that “We all think it suits her… and it’s always nice to see the Doctor rocking a scarf.”

‘Doctor Who’ will return on New Year’s Day for ‘Resolution’. The special is rumored to pit the Doctor and her friends against the Daleks, though Chris Chibnall and other official sources remain coy (almost too coy…) on the subject.

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