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Transformers: The Last Knight‘ might be out in just a few short months but Paramount is looking far into the future as Michael Bay has revealed the studio has 14 sequel ideas currently in development and one of them he might even return to direct. We’ve known for quite some time that the studio has actively been wanting to develop a shared universe with both larger films and stand alone ones, so it would now appear that the plan is being put into action. While critics and overall reviews have lowered with each release, the box office profits have been on the rise and as we all know, money talks.

We are aware that not only a ‘Transformers 6’ and ‘Transformers 7’ were actively in pre-development, but a ‘Bumblebee‘ film was as well. It will be kind of interesting to see what the other eleven that they currently have in mind will be.

The direct quote from Bay in this interview is that:

“There are 14 stories written, and there’s good stuff. I would like to do one of them though… A Transformers spinoff.”

‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ is the second movie in the franchise which the director has claimed to be his last and he just can’t seem to stick to that promise. I’m curious as to if he now meant the major films and that the spinoffs would be open game. If that is the case, we could see Bay working on these robots in disguise for quite some time to come.

The one fun part of this announcement is that it could mean we’ll finally be seeing Transformers out in space on Cybertron or maybe introducing other planets such as Junkion or Quintessa, which could significantly expand the type of characters we see popping up in future films.

You can check out where Michael Bay confirms some of the details in the video below:

Sounds like not only will we be getting new films for years but that the studio has a solid plan on bringing them all together.

Are you looking forward to nearly fourteen years of Transformers movies going forward if they manage to do one a year? Share your thoughts below!

Source: MTV

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