Fans of ‘The Purge‘ aren’t going to have to wait for a single yearly fix much longer as it has just been announced that a television series is in the works! Blumhouse has recently expanded operations by launching Blumhouse Television with ITV Studios and will be growing their existing and new franchises with it. The deal is allowing Blumhouse Television “the ability to be a true independent studio with the capacity to finance and producing original scripted and unscripted ‘dark’ genre programming aimed at global audiences.” While I am pretty excited for a television show based off ‘The Purge’ I do hope that they mix in original content and not just build off their existing film library.

In case you’re wondering, yes Blumhouse still plans to actively create films in ‘The Purge’ franchise as well. Not only that but the new television series won’t be a stand-alone product but exist in the same world as these movies though there is no word if any crossover content will occur. The show is being said to air for “USA and Syfy” so as the networks are connected I would imagine this would most likely air on Syfy between the two.

James DeMonaco who is the man behind the franchise will oversee the series while his producing partner Sebastien K. Lemercier is on board as an Executive Producer.

According to Jason Blum:

“Over the past few years, we have been working to build Blumhouse Television into an independent studio so we can have the autonomy to work with the best storytellers and give them freedom to create the best dark genre programming. It is a dream that day is here. Julian and his team at ITV are remarkable partners, and we can’t wait to kick things off with The Purge and Secure and Hold. We are excited that with the launch of this new studio, we are expanding our partnership with NBCUniversal by growing The Purge franchise into a television series and are grateful for their incredible support of Blumhouse overall.”

At this time we know that the next film is set for a July 4th, 2018 release and it is entirely feasible that it will lay the groundwork for this spinoff series. Either that, or we might see the series start off in 2018 when the first Purge took place and slowly catch up to the 2022 date in the first movie with each season following a Purge.

That would give four seasons of content not including any filler of developing the world which leads to this idea even becoming a reality.

Are you looking forward to ‘The Purge’ being expanded onto TV? Do you think that there will be any crossover content with the films? What time period would you like to see the show take place in? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline

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