Fans of nostalgia and reboots will be pleased to hear about another franchise! Feeling the love, Nickelodeon has decided to revive the ‘Invader Zim’ series for an animated TV movie and will be bringing back the series creator and the original voice cast (which could hopefully mean a continuation of the story (a hope supported by the promo below at least) instead of a straight up reboot/ relaunch). Despite only airing for 1 season and skewing toward darker comedy and a slighter older audience than what Nickelodeon normally aims at, ‘Invader Zim’ has been very successful in comics books and other merchandize following its cancellation, and Nickelodeon is clearly hoping to capitalize on that appeal with the relaunch, though by only doing a TV movie they are clearly hedging their bets.

In a statement released by Nickelodeon’s senior VP of Content Development and Production, Animation, Chris Viscardi, they stressed the excitement the studio has for the revival of ‘Invader Zim’ and the potential for the franchise:

“As a network that prides itself on a 25-year history of creating groundbreaking, hilarious animation for kids, Invader Zim is one of our great loves. It’s been so exciting to see its popularity grow over the last decade through social media, consumer products, and the Zim comic books. What makes this announcement extra thrilling is the adventure that Jhonen has created for Zim, and I can promise you that it is as wonderfully absurd and strangely heartfelt as any fan of the original series could hope for, and kids seeing it for the first time will love it too.”

What are your thoughts on a new TV movie bringing back the characters and story of ‘Invader Zim?’ If the movie is well received do you think it could lead to another season for the franchise, or will this be a one and done deal? And even then, do you really think they will be able to recapture the original magic? Or do you think this is just Nickelodeon trying to cash in on an old franchise? Share your opinions on the matter in the comments below!

SOURCE: Screenrant, Variety

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