buffy-angel-spikeWith the 20th anniversary of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘ upon us, there has been a lot of talk about the show and for fans of Buffy’s love life, Sarah Michelle Gellar has shared who she felt the character would have ended up with. While fans will forever argue if the Slayer would have ended up with Angel or Spike, the actress who played the character has her opinion on who it would have been.

I’m sure anyone who disagrees with her choice will still be vocally against it but there is a surprise response from someone else in the series which might carry a little weight as well.

So what did Gellar have to say on the matter?

“People ask who I thought was Buffy’s ultimate and I get a lot of hate and a lot of death threats — seriously. There was something so beautiful to me about the Buffy and Angel story. I think that Spike understood a different part of who Buffy was and I think she needed to understand that and discover. But for me as Buffy, I think Angel.”

While the actress would have some say on things it would clearly be down to the writers on who she would end up with. Or, perhaps series creator Joss Whedon would like to chime in?

“I’m split right down the middle because in terms of a long-term relationship: Spike’s kinda your guy because he actually went and got a soul because of her. But [Angel and Buffy]’s the grandest love story I will ever tell. You can’t argue with that.”

While he didn’t clearly state it would have been Angel it sure seems as if that is the vampire of choice among the cast and crew. Sorry Team Spike fans.

Who do you think Buffy would have ended up with and why? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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