Chicago is well known for its good food and now the Michelin-starred restaurant Elizabeth is combining food with the genre that we love! Based in Lincoln Square, the restaurant is known for both sustainability and farm-to-table ingredients and this will be the third year that they are showcasing a ‘Game of Thrones’ event and the first that will also include something a little bit stranger. So here are the rundowns of the two “series” that we’ll see, though there isn’t a breakdown of the menus at this time.

The first of which is in April and is a ‘Game of Thrones” inspired tasting! According to the ticketing page, “For our third year in a row, we will base a tasting menu around the vivid food descriptions from the fantasy novels Game of Thrones, A Song of Fire and Ice.”

While their brunch menu is already sold out for the series, the tasting menu is still open but not quite the most affordable of experiences for anyone on a light budget. Here is a little video giving a small look at some of the foods they made a couple years back:

What I am even more excited about though is this sold-out event for July based upon ‘Stranger Things’ which they describe as: “Can we please get weirder already?!? Join our inspiration and fun from the Netflix Series Stranger Things. This menu will run the last two weeks of July.”


In planning out their ‘Stranger Things’ menu there will be a focus on Eggos, chocolate pudding, Benny’s burger and fries which Eleven had but done “in our own special way,” “and whatever else [their] brains cook up” according to chef Iliana Regan.

Honestly, I wish the ‘Game of Thrones’ event was fully sold out like the ‘Stranger Things’ one is so I could pretend that I’m not going due to that and not because it isn’t in the budget to take my wife! Even so, for this type of a themed event at one of Chicago’s most fun restaurants, the pricing is a steal. They do have waitlists available for their events which could very well open up as well.

Do you like the idea of themed food events based off of your favorite genre shows? Would you attend one of these if you had a chance? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: DNA Info and Elizabeth Restaurant’s Sales Page

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