daredeivl-21We know that Matt Murdock is a lawyer by day which is a piece of his life that takes a lot of his time and hasn’t been explored much in recent years though writer Charles Soule is about to dive right back into the deep end.

His upcoming story arc is called “Supreme” which is going to put Murdock’s legal career back in the spotlight as he has to go up against crime in a big way without his fists or martial arts for a change.

The problem is, he might be too good at his job. It sounds as if his new case might not just put away some of the major criminal elements of New York but some of its heroes as well. In fact, it could mean the very end of his secret identity being a secret again as well.

What’s fun to learn, though, is that this story is what Soule has been working on since he started working on ‘Daredevil!’

“I’ve been building to this story since I first started thinking about my run [on DAREDEVIL]. This has been what it’s all been about, from the start. This is why Matt joined the DA’s office, it’s what he decided to do with his secret identity, all of it. He has a plan based on a particular area of criminal law that I came up with when I was doing my initial research, talking to people who’ve worked in the Manhattan DA’s office, etc. The funny thing—while I am a practicing attorney, I don’t work in this particular area, and so I am sure I’m screwing stuff up as far as the specifics. That’s okay, though, I have a wonderful crutch to rely on for that stuff: “Law is a little different in the Marvel Universe.””

While Soule has been enjoying having Daredevil taking the fight directly to the villains, his new actions will be putting not just villains but heroes at risk:

“Beating up bad guys is great, but it’s a one-at-a-time sort of solution. Every once in a while maybe you can take down a big player like an Owl or even a Kingpin, but just because you beat someone up doesn’t mean they will actually get convicted of a crime and go to prison. Matt’s plan here is designed to bring his vigilante work and his legal work closer together—and not just for him, but for everyone like him. The Spider-Mans, the Blindspots, the Ms. Marvels— everyone with a secret identity working in New York as a vigilante could be affected by what he’s doing.”

Outside of the case, villains will be out in force to stop not Daredevil but Matt:

“That’s a huge part of the story. We’ll see some great bad guy appearances here, including the return of a fun Z-lister from the 90s, another long-demanded character from my SHE-HULK run with Javier Pulido, and another massive Daredevil bad guy I haven’t used yet.”

The interesting part will be that Daredevil needs to take the stand while Murdock is taking testimony and while he doesn’t explain how that will happen he does tease:

“That’s issue #22—and man, it’s fun to write that stuff. Classic silly sitcom with superheroes material.”

Oh, and we have another cover for you to enjoy below:


Do you think that ‘Daredevil’ will be able to take out crime in the courtroom without ruining the lives of superheroes as well? What kind of plot do you think will shake out here? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

The “Supreme” story arc kicks off in ‘Daredevil’ #21 this June!

Source: Marvel

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