The younger ‘Nick Fury’ is getting his own title written by James Robinson next month, and the series artist ACO is spilling some of its secrets! We’ve always had a slew of spy stories from Marvel in either ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ and beyond with ‘Nick Fury’ taking up the mantle in the upcoming month. The book will be an anthology series with each issue sounding to be a unique assignment that the new super spy will be completing promptly. While no overall connection is being announced at this time, this is the exact kind of a book which would try to pull one over on us and give us an ongoing story hidden into stand alone cases.

Especially when he is going to be pit against Frankie Noble, Agent of HYDRA. From trains to casinos Atlantis and beyond there are going to be a ton of adventures for him shortly.

As the illustrator that will have to show off these “exotic locales and sleek gadgets,” ACO is the perfect person to sneak in a few details about the series with us.

One thing that is historically known about the elder Fury having his own comic is the unique art which can be found within and first up ACO shares what we might find here:

“As soon as I received the proposal I reviewed the whole stage of Steranko with the character. His comics were an explosion of creativity, narrative, and design that continue to influence hundreds of artists. A milestone in the history of the comic book. Also, it is impossible to separate Nick Fury from Jim Steranko.

For this collection, I also had in mind his comic book adaptation of the movie “Outland.” The way he manipulates the page and plays with the reader is something unique.

I have tried to filter all those works and look for my own voice for this specific title. I hope the reader could be able to notice it. Emulating the brilliance of Steranko is something impossible, only David Ajá approaches him in genius.”

Visually, it sounds like we’re going to be in for another unique look when it comes to spycraft in Marvel’s universe. It seems like ACO has a great collaborative experience with Robinson:

“James is very open with art and page composition. He indicates which panels are important and adds the dialogue for me. Then, he allows me to work with complete freedom, doing things my way. That trust is something I value very much. I play a lot with composition, adding and removing scenes after having consulted with him, always trying to stay true to his original idea, and James is always very receptive and open to dialogue. It is very pleasant to work without a leash and with the scriptwriter’s trust. Being given your own space to develop the story, to me, is priceless”

When comparing the two Fury’s, it is quite easy to see the different scope in the story that we’ll be seeing here. Right off the bat, the severity is going to be just a little bit lower:

“I think old Nick has had stories in which world security depended solely on him. Always on the verge of the cataclysm, with great villains with plans of world domination and where he is in his element. This Nick takes care of small missions, not to the scale of his father. That helps him to take spying in a funnier and lighter way. Indeed, global security also depends on him, but this is no excuse for not having a good time while saving the day.”

We’re going to see a Fury more in line with a James Bond and much like Bond he has to have his toys:

I love using gadgets and visual cues for the reader. Whether in the form of an onomatopoeia, a map, a counter or with icons, it makes the visual experience richer and brings a lot of dynamism to the page.

As to the look of the new femme fatale?

“I wanted to give it a retro, quirky and sexy look. Something like the Lady Gaga of HYDRA. We should give it a unique look within a uniformed organization. It was also important to give her her own “patch.” Something that made her recognizable, that’s why she wears wigs and has a mole. My initial proposal was that she could wear a different wig in each appearance, but this might end up confusing the reader, so we decided she should wear only one. The fact that she doesn’t have any hair helps to give the character a greater background. Adding the mole was Mark Paniccia’s idea, the editor, which helps to identify the character quickly.”

I’m not going to lie when I say that this might be one of the books I am most excited for. Not only have they underused the new Fury since his introduction in the 616-Universe but these Spycraft books have always been some of my favorite reads!

Are you looking forward to reading ‘Nick Fury’ when it is released? Share your thoughts believe True Believers!

Oh, and we’ve got some preview pages to share with you below as well!





‘Nick Fury’ will be spying on your comic purchases on April 19th, 2017!

Source: Marvel.

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