We know that director David Fincher‘s (‘The Social Network’,’Zodiac’) name has been floated multiple times for helming ‘World War Z 2‘ and now Skydance Media CEO and producer David Ellison has double downed on wanting him to tackle the movie. Apparently, the script is in a place that the studio is happy with and right now they are just in the process of deciding who will tackle it. Ellison’s comments almost make it sound like the ball is currently in Fincher’s court though he didn’t officially say an offer was on the table, it does appear to be that way.

This little tidbit came up at the SXSW premiere of ‘Life’ when the film was brought up Ellison stated that:

“There’s a script that we’re incredibly happy with, and it’s just getting a couple of key deals closed… We hope [Fincher] makes the movie.”

We’re not sure if this is the script that Steven Knight had turned in last Fall or a re-write. However, if the “key deals” are just the director and a few actors to work with Brad Pitt, then we might be hearing a pre-production date sooner than later. Not only has Fincher worked with Pitt before on such films as ‘Fight Club,’ ‘Se7en’, and ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ but the first of those two have gone out to be some of Pitt’s greatest work. If he can channel Brad’s acting and deliver a solid sequel to the critically underwhelming ‘World War Z’ then the box office sales from the first one could easily justify a follow-up.

Personally, I’d love to see Fincher direct Brad Pitt again in just about anything, and with the budget, this will have it could be amazing considering the first installment had almost nothing to do with the book that it took the name from.

Would you be willing to give ‘World War Z 2’ a chance if David Fincher was directing it or are you already annoyed with how far from the anthology novel’s set of stories that it strayed from to care? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider

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