The cinematic landscape of horror films has been littered with reboots as of late and now in true meta-form of the movies, ‘Scream‘ is embracing the phenomena by rebooting the series for the third season. Though, we’re not sure if they are embracing the meta nature of ‘Scream’ giving commentary on horror films or if they’re just not happy with the current direction of the series. The first season was a 10-episode run, the second raised to 13, and this new take is only going to be six long. It sounds almost as if this is a trial run to gauge the interest of the new series before they invest in it.

Dimension TV is who decided to push forward on the new storyline and cast. It was successful too as the report states that series regulars all have “permission to take other jobs, but that MTV remains committed to the series.” It is pretty easy to speculate that the rating drop into the second season is what caused this change in production.

MTV is currently knee deep into finding a new showrunner to guide the series into the future.

The nature of the show being in a high school and going into college or having new students could easily lead to soft reboots though it sure sounds like we’re getting a hard reset here. It’ll be interesting to see if a future season would bring back the original cast or not.

Are you looking forward to a rebooted ‘Scream’ or is the fact that it’s already being redone within the same show just jumping the shark? Is this a take on the meta-commentary usually found within ‘Scream’ or are they just sick of the direction of the ratings? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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