Weapon_X_1_CoverOne of the new series which is set to come out of the ashes from “Inhumans vs. X-Men” and ‘X-Men Prime #1‘ is the new ‘Weapon X’ comic and artist Greg Land is giving us a look at the series and dropping a few hints about what to expect from it! While the key points to this upcoming “ResurrXion” set of stories are still a mystery, some of the plot points have been coming together. We don’t know who the new villains behind ‘Weapon X’ are but we do know that the project is once again gunning to take out mutant-kind.

We know that the new team is set to consist of Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Warpath, Domino, and Lady Deathstrike are making up the team which is taking on the ‘Weapon X’ program, so it almost feels like a more violent version of ‘X-Force.’ If anything, as the program seems to have issues with ex-members which they’ve created, I’m a little surprised that we don’t see Deadpool involved in the book past the single panel that is shown below.

Maybe he’ll be making a real cameo later down the line.

For the look of the characters, Land shares his challenges and triumphs as he states that:

The challenge for [Old Man Logan] is that he is in street clothes all the time. Getting believable movement in regular jeans and button shirts for the action scenes is harder than the traditional hero spandex. Also, I really am working to make his face look older; not just adding a few lines for wrinkles, but getting the feel of a man that has many miles of hard road under his belt.

With Warpath, I want to show his Native American Indian lineage. The strong cheekbones and nose are prominent features. With Sabretooth, I asked if we could go back to his long hair, wild man look. This is working great with the story, and it gives us a visual difference between him and Logan. I have not gotten to work on the ladies too much yet, but I am looking forward to getting to draw them again!

Land did accidentally share that in the first issue we won’t see these heroes and villains working together quite yet. He was asked how they’re playing off each other visually and he stated that:

So far Logan and ‘Tooth have been the only ones in the same scenes for me. By going back to the long hair, wild look of Sabretooth, it gives us a nice silhouette difference between the two.

It sounds like we’re going to see a multi-issue introduction as to how they all come together here. As Land gave away one aspect in the previous comment I almost wonder if he just teased the villain of the series as he describes some of the artwork:

I want to give the Weapon X facility a creepy and sinister feel. Lots of hi-tech machinery and shadows. It is as much of a character as the individuals that work there. We are slowly showing some of the workers, and I am looking forward to getting to expand on their individualities. There is a rich history of the Weapon X project, and I want to give it respect in visual terms that it deserves.

While Mr. Sinister seems an unlikely candidate to just take over ‘Weapon X’ to take out the mutants, it could also fit into his realm of advancement by taking the methods that the program uses and mixing it into his own cloning process. That isn’t to say we’ll see Essex as the villain here at all as Land could very well have innocently just described the complex as being sinister. Only time will tell!

Oh yes, and we have a first look at the first issue below!




Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Weapon X?’ Do you feel that Mr. Sinister could be the mysterious villain that our heroes are going to be going up against? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

The ‘Weapon X’ project will be unleashed upon mutants around the world on April 12th, 2017!

Source: Marvel

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