We’ve known it for quite some time but war is coming in the final two episodes of ‘The Walking Dead‘ and the latest clip we have seems to prove just that. Ever since Rick got his groove back, it was only a matter of time for Alexandria to “Rise Up” against The Saviors and the entire season since that point has been building to it. At length. With each, and every episode.

The action sequences in the next two episodes had better be worth it. With where we’re at in preparing for the battle still, it is hard to believe when showrunner Scott M. Gimple says that “ there is an ending.” The idea of not being left with a cliffhanger doesn’t at all seem accurate, so I’m going to be taking that with a grain of salt.

You can check out the first clip below! In it, you’ll see where “Gregory finds Maggie to propose they try and work together” though anyone who saw the full-on teaser knows that he isn’t going to end this conversation on a good note. It doesn’t quite tease the excitement of what is to come, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Speaking of the full teaser, you’ll want to check it out below. This is where we truly see the fighting starting to kick off with the various factions on the move and preparing to do battle. Not only that, but it sure looks like we’ll be revisiting somewhere that we know weapons can be found at!

I wasn’t a fan of the episode where Tara was at Oceanside previously and was pretty sure that it would lead into how Alexandria can restock their weapons. I didn’t figure it would be such a violent way to take these weapons, but that seems to be how things are playing out. Of course, the teaser could be a pushing us in the wrong direction and in fact they aren’t attacking to kill but capture and work out a deal with the residents here as well.

Are you looking forward to the last two episodes of this season’s ‘The Walking Dead’ or have you grown weary with how AMC is handling the series? Share your thoughts below!

‘The Walking Dead’ will continue the seventh season this coming Sunday in “Something They Need” at 8 pm on AMC

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