We’re just a day away from the release of Netflix’s ‘Iron Fist’ and at long last, the final member of the upcoming ‘Defenders’ will be in place, with Finn Jones playing the title role of millionaire Danny Rand, who becomes a mystical kung fu master.  In a manner similar to Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury in the Marvel Studios films, Rosario Dawson‘s nurse Claire Temple has appeared on all of the Netflix Marvel shows, weaving them together or at least establishing that they all take place in the same place, namely the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City.

As has become her specialty, in this clip, it appears Claire has yet another vigilante to patch up.  But it seems that tending to the street-level heroes of the Marvel Universe has taken a bit of a toll on her.

Check out the clip below:

Claire’s importance has varied from series to series.  She is expected to make six appearances on ‘Iron Fist’, which is fewer than she made on ‘Luke Cage’ or ‘Daredevil’, but she only made one appearance on ‘Jessica Jones’.  It seems her importance on this new show will be somewhere in the middle.  She has already been romantically linked to both Luke and Matt Murdock.  She couldn’t possibly be going for a super trifecta, could she?

She won’t be the only person bridging ‘Iron Fist’ to the expanding ‘Defenders’-verse.  Carrie -Anne Moss‘ Jeri Hogarth will also be a recurring character, after playing a major supporting role on ‘Jessica Jones’.  Simone Missick‘s Misty Knight will also appear, after her introduction on ‘Luke Cage’.

All three of these supporting characters are due to pop back up in ‘The Defenders’ along with a large number of supporting players from all four solo shows.

In addition to Jones, ‘Iron Fist’ also stars Jessica Henwick, Jessica Stroup, Tom Pelphrey, Barrett Doss and David Wenham.  It will be available in its entirety tomorrow, March 17 on Netflix.

Source: Screen Rant