One of the best scenes from the novel and miniseries made its way into the SXSW trailer for Stephen King‘s ‘It‘ and by all reports, this is going to have fans thrilled. Everything about it has the terror from the novel bleeding through on screen and one of the best inclusions of Pennywise will soon be on display for us all.

I’m sure everyone who has read or seen ‘It’ remembers when Georgie saw a clown under a sewer grate for the first time. It is right when Bill stays in while his brother Georgie is sailing a paper boat down the gutters which are overflowing with water due to the recent storms. At one point, the boat floats into the sewer, and as Georgie tries to get it out, he meets Pennywise for the first time. The clown that caused generations of readers and viewers to hate clowns and rips off Georgie’s arm.

As soon as Pennywise appeared on screen the video cut so between a lack of his look and what happens to Georgie will have us all wanting more, it sounds like we’ll at least be getting this iconic moment.

If you’ve seen the miniseries than you know it didn’t play out quite so violently the first time around as you can see below:

Of course, the original was made for TV instead of being included in an R-Rated movie, so I suspect we’ll be seeing something a bit more brutal in this one.

I suspect that this new take on ‘It’ will give a new generation reason to fear clowns even more than we did.

Are you looking forward to a hard R-rating on this cinematic take on ‘It’? Will they be able to capture the magic from the novels with a Pennywise that can match the one found in the miniseries? Share your thoughts below!

Pennywise will be haunting theaters in Stephen King’s ‘It’ Part 1 on September 8th, 2017!

Source: Dread Central

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