Warner Bros is indeed thinking about making more ‘Matrix’ films, and there is really not much more we can do about it besides give the obligatory groan and give the same complaint everyone else does (“Ugh, all Hollywood does now it sequels and reboots”) and then try to figure out what exactly they have in mind, and what potential any new films might have. Good news is, if the reboot of the franchise sucks, it will most likely die quickly and we will not have to worry about another reboot for another 10 years or so until someone else has the bright idea to try to milk more money out of it, and if it is in any way decent, it might make up for the sub-par ending to the ‘Matrix’ trilogy we all paid money to sit through back in 2003.

So here’s what we know so far. Warner Bros is very interested in getting the Wachowski siblings’ blessing at the very least, even if they are not directly involved, the studio understands that the fans need to know the siblings are behind the project, which is nice I suppose. Rumor has it that they want Michael B. Jordan for the lead role, which would be great, as I really like Jordan and I think he could be a great new Neo-type character, or a new Morpheus, if the second rumor is to be believed. Because there is also speculation that Warner Bros, envying what Marvel/Disney has with the MCU (doesn’t every studio at this point?), is considering trying to expand the already existing ‘Matrix’ world with more stories set in that universe, and potentially could start with new movies based on a young Morpheus. Clearly everything will rely on whether they can craft a story worth telling, and whether they can convince the Wachowski’s that this is not another action movie without any depth (which the original ‘Matrix’ films were anything but), but on the plus side they have hired Zak Penn to write a script, and he has an impressive resume for big franchises (‘X-Men: Days of Future Past,’ ‘The Avengers’) so he can definitely help get the ball rolling.

What are your thoughts on new ‘Matrix’ movies? Does the very thought make you cringe? Should they have just stopped after the first and never even made the original trilogy? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Deadline

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