SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses ‘Luke Cage’, which is now available for binging on Netflix, but if you haven’t finished the first half, you may wish to turn back!

From the beginning, the Marvel Netflix shows were meant to inhabit the same cinematic universe as Marvel’s hit movies, despite taking on a MUCH darker tone.  In ‘Daredevil’ Season One, Hell’s Kitchen is shown to be in rough shape, following the battle between The Avengers and the invading Chitauri aliens, led by Loki.  In fact, this state of disarray allowed The Kingpin to rise to power in the criminal underworld.

But since then, Marvel Studios (who make the films) broke away from Marvel Entertainment (television) and a divide formed between the two.  It has become increasingly unclear if the shows and movies would continue to overlap, but rest assured that the latest Netflix series, ‘Luke Cage’ which is now available to stream in its entirety, continues to pepper the dialogue with references to the larger cinematic universe, but about half-way through the season, an existing movie winds up directly impacting the action.

luke-cage-still_0After Cage (Mike Colter) begins thwarting his criminal plans, Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes (Mahershala Ali) must resort to extreme measures– a powerful bullet called Judas, made from extraterrestrial wreckage from the Chitauri vessels, which he hopes can pierce Cage’s unbreakable skin.

Can it?  Will it?  Well, you’ll have to watch that for yourself.

‘Avengers’ came out four years ago in 2012 and there have already been six additional movies (seven if you count ‘Doctor Strange’) plus dozens of episodes of the various shows, including ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’  It seems like ages have passed since the Chitauri invasion, so it may seem strange that these events still weigh so heavily on the citizens of this fictional New York.  But keep in mind that, just like in comics, much less time has passed in the fictional universe.

But perhaps more importantly, devastating tragedies don’t simply go away with time.  Parts of New Orleans are STILL wiped out from 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, over a decade ago.

Are you happy that efforts are still being made to connect the TV shows affiliated with the movies?

Source: Comic Book