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It looks like another video game is getting the big screen treatment as the fan favorite ‘Just Cause’ is soon to be the basis for a feature film! At this time we know that Brad Peyton (‘San Andreas‘,’Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’) is set to direct the movie with Jason Momoa (‘Game of Thrones’,’Conan the Barbarian’) in the starring role. This film will end up being Peyton’s second video game to movie gig as he is currently working in pre-production on ‘Rampage‘ which is slated to hit the big screen in 2018.

Square Enix had a smash hit on their hands with video game and a new script by John Collee (‘Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World,”Happy Feet 2’) has pushed the studio into bringing in some big talent for the film. While the plot of the movie is still under wraps, we do have a few details that we can share with you.

The film will follow Rico Rodriguez played by Momoa, who will be the central character as he was in the video game. Rodriguez works for the Agency, and we expect to see him dealing with a “crisis of conscience while on a mission.” It is unclear at this time what elements from any of the games in this franchise that are planning to be used. Franchise is the key word, though, as this could easily become a trilogy of films if it is well received at the box office and Momoa wants to continue in the role.

Hopefully, this schedule for DC and Warner Brothers wouldn’t conflict with this becoming a reality.

Are you excited for ‘Just Cause’ with Jason Momoa in the starring role? With this be a video game adaptation that catches your attention or will it be another box office flop waiting to happen? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline

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