With the devastating loss of Carrie Fisher this week, fans cannot help but look back over her body of work and think of better times and remember her inspiring art and all it has meant to them over the years. Of course, for many of us, she will be remembered best for portraying the feisty Princess who clearly needed no rescuing back in 1977, and was still fighting evil last year in ‘The Force Awakens.’ And thanks to a new clip that has come out with a deleted scene from the ‘The Force Awakens,’ we have yet another reminder of not only the strong Princess/ General that Fisher brought to the screen, but also of the brilliant actress who was able to take the Leia dialogue and add a little spark to every sentence, making those lines truly memorable.

Check out the new clip for yourself below, and join me in lamenting the fact that this quote did not make it into the final cut of the movie:

Leia has always had some of my favorite lines in ‘Star Wars,’ most notably a lot of her dialogue from ‘The Empire Strikes Back,’ and I think it is because she was written with a certain strength and vibrancy that meshed so well with everything Carrie Fisher brought to the table. She enjoyed trading insults with Han Solo, poking fun at his ship, and was not afraid to tell C3-PO to shut up when he was being annoying, which in a way mirrored how a lot of us felt during some of the more intense moments of ‘Empire.’ Hopefully, she will have more moments to shine in ‘Episode VIII’ where we know her role was expanded, and they will find a way to close out her character in a respectful fashion moving forward. Still, it won’t be the same galaxy far, far away without our Princess.

Source:  THR