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The creator of ‘The Walking Dead‘ isn’t known for massively spoiling the television show based on his work so it is hard to tell if he was trolling the audience, going for a laugh, or accidentally dropped a major character death for the current season. After the accidental announcement, Robert Kirkman claimed that he was joking though said the same name in a different part of ‘The Walking Dead’ Q&A at the Emerald City Comic Con. This is strictly on the rumor pile as we don’t know if he was kidding or not but it could be a major upcoming death so this is your chance to head back now and avoid the spoilers.


So, which major ‘The Walking Dead’ character is he eyeing to kill off? It may come to a surprise to comic fans as he is still alive in the comics and a major character just sacrificed their life to save him in the latest issue as the name Kirkman mentions is Eugene.

While talking about “filler” episodes that can take place between the premieres and finales, Kirkman emphasized how they are a necessity so that audiences can build up characters and form an emotional attachment because otherwise, the deaths wouldn’t matter. Hence the comment, “then you wouldn’t be upset when we kill Eugene later this season.”

He instantly followed that up with:

“It means he’s definitely not gonna die! I’d never say that if he’s really gonna die.”

So it really is hard to say if he was messing with us or not. It is unlikely that he would give a spoiler like that and later when asked who his favorite on-screen death was, reply with “Oh I don’t know. Eugene.”

My money is on Kirkman trolling but we might be bidding farewell to Eugene this season.

What are your thoughts on Eugene biting the big one? Are his brains important enough to keep around for the plot or will they make tasty snacks for some ‘Return of the Living Dead’ tribute walkers later this season? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Bleeding Cool

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