Some of Fox’s casting has been questionable for ‘Gotham‘ but when it is spot on you can’t help but smile. That is exactly what happened when I saw that Alexander Siddig (‘Game of Thrones’,’Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’) had been tapped for the role of Ra’s al Ghul. While Ra’s can be downright sinister, he is also usually shown as being quite refined, and this is two sides of a character which Siddig should have no problem nailing.

I believe that he’ll be able to pull off quite a different take than Matt Nable did on ‘Arrow’ and ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ though we’ll have to wait to see him in action before we can say which one did a better job.

As the Court of Owls will still be in full swing when ‘Gotham’ returns, it seems as if the leader of the League of Assassins will be either double dipping and be in charge of this organization as well or the League will actually be behind it. While the series started pretty grounded in reality, the introduction of villains and more have increasingly brought things to the realm of the fantastic with Hugo Strange bringing the dead back to life. We know that Ra is known for having a Lazarus Pit which keeps him young and raises the dead so it should be interesting to see how and when it is used in the series.

At this time, the initial announcement hasn’t even hinted at the Pit though I’m sure we’ll see it used before the season’s end.

Are you looking forward to the introduction of Alexander Siddig as Ra’s Al Ghul? Will the Court of Owls be directly tied to the League of Assassins or does Al Ghul have bigger plans in play? Share your thoughts below!

Source: DC Comics

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