Fox’s last outing to ‘Fantastic Four‘ wasn’t well received by critics or fans but while producer Simon Kinberg revealed he has a plan if they revisited these heroes, we’ve learned that at least one actor wouldn’t be happy to reprise their role. While not one of Marvel’s First Family, Toby Kebbell (‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’,’Warcraft’) did play Dr. Doom in the first movie and he is one of the most important villains for Richards. Sure, the first film left things off in a way where it would be difficult to bring him back anyway, but that hasn’t stopped anyone in the past when it comes to comic books.

So why wouldn’t Kebbell want to reprise his role?

It sounds like the lack of being able to expand the character beyond the ‘Fantastic Four’ is what keeps him from being interested in him. There would be no way to go up against The Avengers or even the X-Men with how they’ve introduced them so far. Though, at least with the X-Men, they’re all in the same realm of existence by who owns the cinematic rights to the characters.

Rumors have been floated that Fox has been looking to work with Marvel on the Fantastic Four in the same way that Sony has for Spider-Man. However, they are just rumors. Not only that but if it were to happen they would likely need to recast everyone once again.

Are you sad to hear that Dr. Doom would have to be recast if they did make a sequel to ‘Fantastic Four’ or do you just want Fox to get over the fact that they can’t tell the story of these heroes in a way that resonates with fans? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Hey U Guys

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