The ‘Twin Peaks‘ revival is drawing nearer, and Madchen Amick (‘Sleepwalkers’,’Priest’) has taken the time to share a few details of what we can expect from the series! On Showtime’s return to the series, we’ll see Amick reprising her role as Shelly Johnson from both the original series as well as ‘Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.’ “There’s been rumors about it coming back” the entire time it was off the air, and Amick was just as surprised as the rest of us to find out that the show was getting a second chance.

Entertainingly enough, Amick heard the announcement through friends, and it appears that David Lynch just assumed that she would do the series:

“Only when I woke up, on the morning that it was announced, to a slew of text messages and emails on my phone and I was like, “What is going on?!” And then, I started to open them up, and it was like, “Is it true?!” All of my Twin Peaks castmates were like, “Madchen, is this true?!” And I was like, “Why are you asking me?! I don’t know!” So then, I immediately got in contact with David Lynch, and his simple answer was, “I’ll see you very soon, in the beautiful world of Twin Peaks.” And I was like, “Oh, my gosh, it’s true!” We all found out at the same time everybody else did.”

Returning to playing Shelly after so long made Amick have to make a decision that many fans have also been trying to decide – if we should revisit the original series before Showtime’s revival:

“I wasn’t sure if I should rewatch the series and make sure I remembered where Shelly was, but I decided at the last minute not to because it is 25 years later and she’s gone through a lot in her life. And so, I figured, “You know what? Shelly is still in there, and I’m still going to be able to play that out.” But, I wanted to make it different and make her feel different.”

She clearly enjoyed her time working on the show as returning to the set had a great reaction:

“Yeah, the first day, I was on a familiar set that I had been on before, and I fought back tears the whole day. It was touching and surreal and really beautiful. That’s when I knew I’d be fine. I literally stepped right back into that same beautiful environment and all of the memories came flooding back in, and then all was right.”

The best part about the interview is the one small piece she could give us. The series isn’t going to be episodic, and the only downside will be that we can’t binge watch it from day one as Netflix has gotten too many of us accustomed to:

“He shot it like one gigantic movie, and then it will be cut up into hours. It’s not even going to be episodic. And it’s all a mystery. And none of us were able to read the whole script. We only got our pages and just what was attached to our character. It’s going to be fun!”

I was hoping that it would be in this format and it looks like David Lynch had a single solid story to tell us and agreed.

Are you looking forward to the return of ‘Twin Peaks’? Happy to hear that it will be one long story? Share your thoughts below!

‘Twin Peaks’ returns on Showtime on May 21st, 2017!

Source: Collider

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