Looks like Superman wasn’t just the Man of Steel at the box office last month!  DC comics took the top three spots on Diamond Distributor’s chart of the top ordered titles by retailers.  Scott Snyder and Jim Lee’s Superman Unchained soared to #1, while Greg Pak and Jae Lee’s (no relation) Batman/Superman #1 took… fittingly #2.  Snyder’s Batman #21 came in third.

Marvel’s fizzling miniseries Age of Ultron followed those books up.  (Still performing well, but the mini has been widely panned.)

Via The Hollywood Reporter, Comic book market analyst John Jackson Miller points out that Superman Unchained, with 256,300 units sold, did not move as well as the earlier Justice League of America #1 which sold 308,000 copies… but then again, they used 52 different variant covers on that one.  However, with it’s higher $4.99 price point, Unchained “easily” generated over $1 million.

But without Man of Steel generating extra hype, will DC manage to stay on top?  With their crossover between all three Justice League titles, they just might!

Did you pick up any of these three best selling comics?  What did you think?  Be sure to leave a comment below!