Marvel likes to release a new series when a film or show starts so to celebrate Netflix’s ‘Iron Fist‘ we’re also getting a new comic and writer Ed Brisson is sharing details on it! This new series which is centering on Danny Rand will probably be more on point for fans of the comics when it launches five days after the Netflix premiere. In it, we’ll see K’un-Lun in ruins and Rand in a strange location with his powers acting up. Not a good time to find himself trapped on “a strange and mystical island.” Mike Perkins will be illustrating the series, and we’ve also got a look at some of Rand’s new villains below.

According to Brisson, a new location is fitting for Rand as not knowing anyone is an “essential element” to the character:

“I think the major thing about Danny is that he’s almost always an outsider. He was the orphan taken into K’un-Lun, where he spent his formative years. When he left K’un-Lun, he returned to a city—New York—that was completely foreign to him, even though it was his home. He’s always got a foot in each world, which I think makes it difficult for him to fully fit in in either.

You often see him trying to overcompensate for these feelings with his humor, which is something that I love about him. He’s always looking to be a people pleaser. It doesn’t always serve him, but he doesn’t give up.”

Being in a mysterious place and without being able to get to K’un-Lun, it leaves Rand stuck in a bind. What he usually relies upon is gone so where do we see him as he begins this new journey?

“For this first arc, I really wanted to focus in on Danny’s own sense of identity. What happens when the one thing he was sure of about himself is being stripped away? How far will he go and what potentially dangerous situations will he put himself into just for a sliver of hope that it’ll allow him to hang on to the one thing that defines him?”

K’un-Lun being destroyed isn’t new, but we’re finally going to see the fallout from it happening as the new ‘Iron Fist’ series kicks off:

We saw the destruction of K’un-Lun in Kaare Andrews’ run on IRON FIST: THE LIVING WEAPON. In this series, we’re taking the baton and running with it.

K’un-Lun’s current status is a larger part of why Danny’s struggling to connect. The city provides him with his powers and with the city now down…well, so are Danny’s powers.

We have learned that Danny will be in Liu-Shi and be competing against other Kung-Fu masters. He is doing this to prove himself, but of course, there will be other hidden aspects that come into play. Here is who he will be up against in the new series:

The Seven Masters of Liu-Shi are: The Eel of Blessed Waters, The Rat of Twelve Plagues, The Resourceful Snake, The Rabbit of Holy Flame, The Long-Armed Bull, The Mountain Slaying Bear and The Divine Wolf. Each is the champion of each of the seven schools of Kung-Fu on the island. There’s a specific reason why there are seven, but readers will have to check out the series to find out why.

Over the series, it’ll become clear that some of the seven have very real beefs with Danny and/or K’un-Lun. That the timing of them appearing in Danny’s life at this moment is not coincidental.

These characters were a lot of fun to create and Mike Perkins did an amazing job in designing them. I think that readers are going to get a kick out of the new characters. Big nods to 70’s Kung-Fu flicks are in store!

Not only does this sound like it will be fun to read but it will be full of martial arts shenanigans. I won’t lie, it seems like something I’d rather watch than read but with Brisson at the helm I have no doubt it will at the very least be entertaining.

You can take a look at five of the masters below:






Are you looking forward to the new adventures of ‘Iron Fist’ when they launch next month? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

‘Iron Fist’ #1 will be on shelves on March 22nd, 2017!

Source: Marvel

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