In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #686, Spider-Man and his pals Black Widow and Silver Sable had teamed up with Mysterio to take down Doctor Octopus’ plan to fry the entire Earth. But the Spidey gang ran into a snag when they discovered Doc Ock’s new guardians… the Avengers!

When this issue opens, Spidey remarks that his crew has been battling the Avengers for days and are rapidly running out of options. The only reason they’ve been able to hold on this long is that the mind control that Doc Ock is using causes the Avengers team to be sluggish and slower than usual.

Tiring of the drawn out battle, Doc Ock decides to step in and finish things once and for all. He takes control of several Avengers personally and attempts to stop Spider-Man’s crew. And, just as things are starting to look up for Doc Ock… it’s Mysterio to the rescue!

From there, Spider-Man, Sable, Widow, and the Avengers are on a race to stop Ock’s plan from reaching culmination. I won’t go and spoil it for you but I will say this… not everyone makes it out of the final confrontation alive.

The little logo in the front left corner of this year’s issues of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ is proud to point out that this is the 50th anniversary of our favorite wallcrawler and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have in the drivers seat for this momentous occasion than Dan Slott. This guy has proven time and time again that he just gets Spider-Man. He gets the universe. He understands that magical balance between adventure, drama, and humor that makes Spider-Man such an enduring character. ‘Ends of the Earth’ and the battle with the Sinister Six was a great 50th year story… but it’s not over yet. Slott keeps talking on Twitter about what’s coming in the landmark ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #700 later this year. He won’t spill the beans on exactly what that is, but he says it’s going to change everything!

I, for one, can’t wait to see what Slott has in store! Be back here in a few weeks when we continue this fifth decade extravaganza in ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #688.

Verdict: Buy

Story by Dan Slott
Art by Stefano Caselli
Colors by Frank Martin
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Stefano Caselli, Gabriele Dell’otto, Mike Perkins, & Frank D’Armata