While filming hasn’t begun yet on ‘Avatar 2‘-5, we’ve finally gotten the first bit of details about the film. The original film came out in 2009, and at this rate, it will be 2019 or 2020 before the first sequel is released. Especially if Sigourney Weaver‘s theory is correct, but actor Sam Worthington is stressing that things are progressing along quite well at the moment. The $2.78 billion box office earnings of the original were nothing to scoff at, but we all know that visually the film had a lot more going for it than delivering a solid plot.

The goal of that is clearly to give us a better plot which will convince moviegoers to come back for more. Slick visuals aren’t enough to cut it in a world where Disney already delivers a pretty movie with a plot through both LucasFilm and Marvel.

So, what we can expect from the film and how exactly is family involved? According to Worthington:

“They’re going to be shooting concurrently. The plan is to have some time in between, I think, but these things are always ambiguous until they start. We’re still set to start in the summer, though. James needed time to perfect the scripts. Whenever he says jump I go because he’s the man. I’ve read all the scripts, they’re great. This is going to be Jake eight years later, and he’s got a family now.

This film is going to be like nothing you’ve ever seen. The world is bigger than the first one, but essentially, it’s a movie about family. Jake will still have that essence of a kid seeing the world for the first time, but he’s been living in the world for a while now, so what’s this world he’s seeing now for the first time? The film will explore that within this family dynamic.”

With James Cameron‘s studio having almost a decade to make their amazing CGI even better, it was the plot that needed some work though it sounds as if that has been worked on as well. I suspect the studio and Cameron will have learned from their mistakes and not taken those past earnings to prove that they didn’t need improvement with minor things like character development, plot, or dialogue.

Are you looking forward to ‘Avatar 2’? Do you feel that we’ll have a more fleshed out set of characters when we next travel to Pandora? Share your thoughts below!

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