When it launched back in September of 2014, gamers everywhere rejoiced as we learned that Bungie (aka “the house that ‘Halo’ built”) hadn’t lost their touch and created another genuine masterpiece of gaming! Now, a few years on, Bungie’s ‘Destiny’ as as popular as ever, so it only makes sense that we should start getting some toys based on the hit series! That’s where the team at Mcfarlane Toys comes in, with their recent revelation that they had once again partnered with the team at Bungie to produce toys based on the game! McFarlane had previously worked with Bungie on the ‘Halo’ license, so this pairing makes perfect sense!

So what do we know so far? It looks as though the first new ‘Destiny’ figures from McFarlane Toys are going to be a part of their 7″ scale ‘Color Tops Collection’, but will sport full articulation; this is unlike many of the other ‘Color Tops’ figures, and could be the start of an exciting new trend for McFarlane Toys. The first characters to make the jump from the screen to your collection are set to be Guardian Class characters Titan, Hunter, and Warlock! These game-accurate figures will come with a special ‘Destiny’ themed display base, and are expected to retail for around $19.99 each when they hit stores this July.

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McFarlane Toys Owner and CEO Todd McFarlane seems to be pretty excited about the ‘Destiny’ license and what his team can bring to the table with it, saying “Detail, depth, and customization, that’s what Destiny gives its players, and that’s what made it the biggest new video game franchise launch. With our upcoming Destiny line, fans can expect that same amount of detail and customization that we have built our own reputation on.”

In addition to these three figures that will launch the ‘Destiny’ line, McFarlane Toys is also planning to release 10″ scale figures as well as role-play items based on the game! Stay tuned to this weekend for more news coming straight from the McFarlane Toys booth at New York Toy Fair 2017!

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