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Fans of Stephen King‘s older works have something to look forward to as he and Richard Chizmar have finished a novella that is once more set in Castle Rock. The setting was first used in the 1979 novel ‘The Dead Zone’ and has since been brought up in ‘Cujo,’ ‘The Dark Half,’ ‘The Body,’ ‘The Sun Dog.’ and more. While the city has been mentioned a few times in the past 26 years the last time it before in a story was back in 1991 in ‘Needful Things.’ This has often been described as the last Castle Rock story” as the novel ended with the town in ruins and most of its inhabitants dead.

Times have changed.

Author Richard Chizmar and founder of Cemetery Dance Publications hasn’t given away any details but has announced that he finished a novella with King which takes place in Castle Rock. Now, it is hard to say if this occurs prior to the events of ‘Needful Things,’ in an alternate Earth, or if the town has rebuilt.

What we do know though is this:

We really don’t have details outside of the resurgence of one of King’s most iconic locations though the timing is interesting. As mentioned above the initial introduction to Castle Rock was in ‘The Dead Zone’ and with King’s outspoken views on being against Trump’s candidacy this could easily prove to have a political side to it.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing more soon enough.

Are you happy to hear that King is returning to ‘Castle Rock’? Will this be a new story or set prior to the events of ‘Needful Things’? Share your thoughts below!

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