Right after the news that a new novella was going to be released set in the town of ‘Castle Rock‘ we’ve just learned that J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot is releasing a new ongoing series by the same name! I’m pretty sure these two events have to be tied together and that the new novella will serve as part of this newly announced anthology series which is set to stream on Hulu.

It looks like the network couldn’t get enough of King’s work after the smashing success of ‘11/22/63‘ and really who could blame them?

For those who follow King’s work but aren’t overly familiar with the locations, ‘Castle Rock’ was first mentioned way back in 1979 in ‘The Dead Zone’ though was pretty much destroyed in ‘Needful Things.’ This little announcement says that the new original series will “weave together characters and themes from the King stories set in that town.” The plan is for a multi-season show where each season will connect to one another from themes and characters of previous seasons.

Aside from the novels mentioned above, ‘The Dark Half’ had also taken part in this town with ‘Creepshow,’ ‘The Stand,’ ‘Sleepwalkers,’ ‘Gerald’s Game,’ and ‘It’ have all referenced it as have many other of King’s tales. For shorter works, ‘The Body’ and ‘The Sun Dog’ are two novellas set here while the following shorts also take place in the town: “Uncle Otto’s Truck” and “Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut” from ‘Skeleton Crew’ as well as “It Grows on You” from ‘Nightmares & Dreamscapes.’

The works aren’t quite as extensive as ‘The Dark Tower, ‘ but there is quite a bit of material to work with here as well as an upcoming novella before they even have to try and come up with something overly original.

You can check out the teaser trailer right here:

Sadly this is such an early teaser that we don’t have any reliable details on directors, cast, or which of King’s work the first season will even follow. Hell, we’re not even sure when we’ll see it yet, but this is one that Stephen King fans are going to be very excited to check out.

Are you looking forward to ‘Castle Rock’? Which story do you think should they tell us first? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Bloody-Disgusting.

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