Well, Marvel is at it again. We’re being teased with an upcoming event that looks like it will tie-in multiple characters into a full-scale story arc. As the company likes to do, they’ve just released a teaser image with no specific details of what we’ll be able to expect and have titled the event ‘Generations.’

Interestingly enough it shows multiple characters who have had multiple iterations alive in the Marvel Universe.

From the image it appears that the following are involved: Phoenix and Jean Gray, Logan and Laura as Wolverine, the original Thor and the Jane Foster iteration, both Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson as Captain America, Richard and the younger Sam both as Nova, Multiple Captain and Ms. Marvels, the original Hawkeye and the new one, Tony Stark who may or may not be in a coma at this point and his young replacement, Parker and Morales both as Spider-man, and finally both versions of Hulk.

There are quite a few options that the company could have here. I know we’re all sick of time travel, but that almost seems like the most likely that would end up being used here. Especially with the older Jean Grey, Logan, original Captain Marvel, and Bruce Banner all being dead at the moment.

One of the upcoming X-Men storylines though is called ‘resurrxion‘ and I’m wondering if that means we’ll be seeing a return to the land of the living for some of these characters in the near future.

What do you think Marvel has up their sleeve for this one True Believers? Are we getting a comparison series, the currently broken alternate multiverse concept being restored, time travel, or something else completely? Do you think any other heroes or villains might end up be a part of this or even the cause? Share your thoughts below!

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