In the “duh” section of today’s fan news, apparently folks are very excited that Lucasfilm has apparently confirmed that Kylo Ren and Rey have a connection in the ‘Star Wars’ movies, a fact that anyone who has seen the movies clearly could have told you already. Now before you roll your eyes too much though, you have to remember that until something like that is actually confirmed by the studio, it is still considered just rumor and speculation, so there is some reason for fans to be pleased at finally having had a theory like this confirmed.

The scoop is that a recent update to Rey and Kylo Ren’s Star Wars Databank entries states that there is a “mysterious connection” between the two. It is not a lot to go on, but it enough for fans hungry for news about ‘The Last Jedi,’ especially since the big mystery leaving “The Force Awakens’ was the question of Rey’s parentage, as this could lead to her and Kylo Ren being brother and sister if indeed she was the daughter of Han and Leia, or could lead to them being cousins if she turns out to be the daughter of Luke Skywalker.

Then you throw in the fact that Disney and Lucasfilm has repeatedly referred to the Saga films (Episodes 1 -9) as the “Skywalker Saga,” and one cannot help but wonder if this is laying the groundwork for her indeed being Luke’s daughter, meaning she and Kyle Ren are cousins, and their connection is their shared heritage in being the grandchildren of Darth Vader. Either way, the confirmation of the connection between the two definitely gives a lot of credibility to the theories that Rey is part of the Skywalker clan (even if we were already pretty sure of that), and goes a long way toward getting us more excited for ‘The Last Jedi’ which is only 10 months away. Do you have any thoughts on what this mysterious connection could be? Share your theories in the comments below!

Source: StarWars.com