Marvel and DC have been bleeding writers for awhile now to creator-owned publishers though it looks like Marvel has a plan in place to bring some of this talent back home. Oh, and they’re bringing Wolverine back to life as well. We’ll get to that in a moment, though.

For getting the writers to return or attract them, Marvel clearly has plan. They aren’t sharing much of said plan but did say:

“Taking time to line up big-name talent, new and old, across the board for a series of big name titles in 2018, to be created well in advance to avoid the shipping issues that can often affect such in-demand creators.”

In another report that we also got one key phrase that will have readers eager for more:

…as part of Marvel’s meat-and-potatoes in the comics, you’ll be getting Wolverine back too.

Let’s get to Wolverine now shall we? He’s been missing from the mainstream comics since 2014 and the ‘Death of Wolverine‘ story arc which didn’t actually see him die but contained within adamantium without his super healing factor working.

This would kill just about anyone else but we’re talking about Wolverine here.

There is currently no word exactly how he comes back to the fold but my guess is that the upcoming ‘Weapon X’ title from the “Resurrxion” restructuring of the X-Men comics will have something to do with it. Chances are we’ll see Old Man Logan, Sabertooth, Domino, Warpath, and Lady Deathstrike end up uncovering him while working on taking down the latest version of the Weapon X program which is attempting to wipe out mutants.

Personally, I hope they find a way to bring him back that isn’t tacky or has him losing his memories… again.

How do you think Marvel will be bringing back some of their lost writing talent or replacing it with newer faces? Are you looking forward to the return of Wolverine? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Comic Book Movie

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