Well there is good news, and bad news. The good news, of course, is that according to sources during a recent quarterly investor earnings call this past Tuesday Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that ‘Star Wars’ Land will be opening in Disneyland and Disneyworld in 2019. The bad news is that we will have to wait another 2 years to get to experience what Disney and their Imagineers have in store for us.

With all of the hype surrounding the new additions to the park, and all of the construction (which is evident if you know what you’re looking for when you visit, but otherwise Disney is doing a good job of not letting it interfere with the overall aesthetic of the parks), many had hoped we might be seeing ‘Star Wars’ land as early as the end of 2017, or at the very least early 2018. But with the news that it will not be opening till 2019, at least we can take solace that this is not something the company is throwing together real quick to cash in on the current success of ‘Star Wars.’ They are making sure it is a land worthy of their parks, and the extra time is most likely to ensure all of the attractions are up to that standard, especially since they know the type of scrutiny they are sure to face from us die-hard ‘Star Wars’ fans.

According to Imagineering executive Scott Trowbridge,

“Our intent is to make it feel as if you’ve just walked into one of the movies…Bringing Star Wars to life in the physical world gives us the opportunity to play with a whole bunch of things we’ve never done before, to really engage all of the senses.”

With all of that in mind, though the wait will be long, I truly think it will be worth it. Plus, to help bridge the gap, at least there are other attractions opening, such as the long awaited ‘Avatar’ land over at Disney World which the company has been promoting heavily due to its upcoming launch date. Of course, that’s just my opinion on things. Feel free to share your thoughts on the extended wait for ‘Star Wars’ land in the comments section below!